Christopher Barclay

Dyker and stone mason North Saanich, British Columbia

The dry stone method of construction is building with stone without the use of mortar.

Relying on mass, friction and gravity, it is the oldest building method known which lasts centuries. Skara Brea is a perfect example.

I am the proprietor of cbdrystone and have been building for the past seventeen years. For the past nine years, my passion for stone has led to building, designing and educating through the dry stone method of construction.

Today in contemporary garden design and landscaping this method offers many benefits. Some of which are built in drainage and far less foundation preparation, habitats for garden friendly insects and alpine plants, and true design flexibility. As it turns out, because there is no mortar, the dry stone method is the original green method of construction... old is new again!

Stone is sourced as local as possible from quarries, stone suppliers and or from clients property. Working closely with client, designer or Architect I construct retaining walls, free-standing walls, walkways, patios, benches, arches, bridges, follies and more.

In British Columbia I assist master waller, John Shaw-Rimmington, organize beginner's workshops which teach the basics of the traditional dry stone method of construction. For further information about workshops please feel free to contact me.

For information and images of new and past dry stone walling in Canada, do visit:
(formerly the Dry Stone Wall Association of Canada)

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Dry stone wall, Freestanding Inside, Victoria Highland Games and Celtic Festival - Victoria, British Coumbia


Dry stone folly, Spiral Gothic, Victoria Highland Games and Celtic Festival - Victoria, British Columbia


Dry stone folly, Celtic Cross, Victoria Highland Games and Celtic Festival - Victoria, British Columbia